The Peeping Professor – Full Length Movie

Mischa catches her professor spying on her while she applies her makeup. She asks him what the fuck he is doing and he replies that he was looking at her shoes, wondering what her feet looked like. She demands that he worship her feet or she’ll tell the whole world about his little "foot fetish". "Is this what you want? Is this what you REALLY want? You worthless disgusting pig!" The professor lays on the ground underneath Mischa’s dangling feet as she reminds him of how she’ll blackmail him if she doesn’t get her "A"s. The professor sucks on her toes harder. "So far you’ve been true to your word, I’ve gotten all my A’s." Mischa unbraids her hair and gets ready for bed as her footslave kisses her tired feet. He gently holds her heels and focuses on her feet as her beautiful long hair falls out of the braids over her shoulders. "On your back!" she says as she grabs him by his hair and forces him down on the floor. The professor stretches his neck and head trying to get as much of her toes into his mouth as he can from his position on the floor.The professor looks like he is in ecstasy with Mischa’s feet in his mouth. "By the way professor…I got the job that I wanted from your excellent letter of recommendation. So…I won’t be needing you anymore." The professor continues to kiss and suck at her feet. "One last thing professor…I told the school board. You’re going to be fired. I don’t need you anymore." She dismisses the professor.

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